Albatron announces Blu-ray decoder card

  • Albatron has announced a graphics card whose primary focus is to enable Blu-ray movie playback on a PC.

    The new “Blue Ray Decoder Card” is basically a differently marketed mainstream graphics card based on Nvidia’s 8500GT graphics processor. The specifications mirror Nvidia’s 8500GT reference card which include a 450 MHz core and a 400 MHz memory clock as well as a 256 MB memory buffer.

    However, Albatron uses this model, which is Nvidia cheapest 8-series card to support a resolution of 2560x1600 to make Blu-ray playback more attractive on a PC through Nvidia's Purevideo HD technology. Interestingly, Albatron focuses this card exclusively on the Blu-ray format, while Purevideo also supports HD DVD acceleration.

    We were not able to reach Albatron to comment on differences between Blu-ray and HD DVD playback with this specific product.

    Pricing has not been announced.

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