The Predator X34, a gamer's delight

Acer has announced a new $1,300 addition to its Predator line, a 34 inch curved monitor featuring Nvidea G-Sync, promising a smoother gameplay and sharper graphics.

The Predator X34 has a 60Hz refresh rate that can be overclocked to 100Hz for those who need more frames per second. The ultrawide monitor has a 21:9 QHD 3,440x1,440 screen with a 178-degree viewing angle.

The monitor’s tilt and height can be adjusted and it is VESA-compliant, if you should prefer it mounted on the wall. Acer promises 100 percent sRGB coverage for more accurate colors adding EyeProtect and ComfyView technology to reduce eye fatigue.

The curved screen could be more than a gimmick, possibly giving an immersive effect, similar to what can be achieved with multiple screens.

A gamer’s dream.

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