Call of Duty Heading to PlayStation

The new Call of Duty game is already getting a lot of attention before its release, and its new release platform is getting a lot of news as well because the next game will be coming out through Sony PlayStation.

As Polygon reports, the next Call of Duty game, Black Ops 3, will be coming out through PlayStation 4 on November 6.

As Variety reports, Black Ops 3 will go up against Fallout 4, Star Wars Battlefront, and Halo 5: Guardians, which should make this winter a fiercely competitive game season.

As an executive involved in the game told Variety, “The storytelling and the cinematic nature will be more integrated than ever before. We’ve worked with AAA acting talent previously, and while all those talents have done a lot to bring our stories to life and immerse people in our fiction, an actor’s performance is all about casting the right people to tell your story.”

The industry trade also tells us that this edition of Duty has three ways to play, single player, multi-player, and zombie mode.

David Konow

David Konow has been a writer for far too long. He has written for Deadline, Indiewire, The Village Voice, LA Weekly, The Wrap, Tom's Games, and many others. He has also authored three books: Bang Your Head (Three Rivers Press), and Reel Terror (St Martins).


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