Sausage Party - the somewhat different animation movie

Sausage Party - you might never eat again

An animated movie called Sausage Party sounds innocent enough, add Seth Rogen and an R-rating to the equation, and wild fantasies start twirling through your head, “sausage” party? Do not get carried away, after seeing the trailer you will realize it has nothing to do with sex, but as Joe Leydan put it

  • Sausage Party” may be savored as, if not a dream come true, then a drug-fueled hallucination without the potentially harmful side effects.

Sausage Party tells the story of how a bunch of supermarket products set out to find the truth about their existence. It all starts when Frank (the sausage) and his friends discover the gruesome truth about their “afterlife”.  

sausage party cabage.JPG

Believing in a life after supermarket shelves, Frank and co are more than happy as they are put in a shopping cart, to be the chosen ones. The shock is big when they discover the truth, the potato being skinned alive, baby carrots being eaten before their eyes and the poor cabbage being torn apart.

Challenging a crisis in faith, the edibles set out on a dangerous quest to find out the truth about their very existence and to warn others about their fate. Taking a look at Seth Rogen’s track record you can expect a lot of f**ks and a lot of religious/ ethnical stereotyping.

  • Racial, ethnic, sexual and sociopolitical stereotypes are shamelessly exaggerated and honed to satirical edges, so that a Jewish bagel (Edward Norton) and an Arabic flatbread (David Krumholtz) squabble about territorial incursions in the shopping aisles; a Sapphic taco (Salma Hayek) attempts to lure a reasonably straight innocent into a walk on the wild side; a diminutive sausage (Michael Cena) worries whether girth really is more important than length; and the most obnoxious character by far is … well, a douche (Nick Kroll).

Take a look at the trailer and judge for yourself. I for my part am having a tough time deciding on what to eat today. By the way it is not appropiate for kids.


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