New Ghostbusters Names Revealed

We at TG have been following the new Ghostbusters movie for a long time now, and now we’re genuinely amazed we’re writing about it actually getting made. We figured this would be the longest series of blogs involving a movie perpetually stuck in development hell, but it is indeed shooting now in Boston for a July 22, 2016 release date.

So we’ve seen the new ‘Busters in costume, the new ectomobile, the guns, what else is there? How about character names? Okay, haven’t read that yet…

The new ‘Busters are named Erin Gilbert, Jillian Holtzman, Abby Yates, and Patty Tolan. They definitely sound like Ghostbuster names to us. We’re definitely stoked that director Paul Feig is sharing so much with us, we just hope he doesn’t end up giving away the store…

So again, we’ve got hope that the next Ghostbusters will actually be good, and give the franchise a fresh start. Feig and Melissa McCarthy have especially been on a roll lately, and we hope their reboot of ‘Busters will indeed

David Konow

David Konow has been a writer for far too long. He has written for Deadline, Indiewire, The Village Voice, LA Weekly, The Wrap, Tom's Games, and many others. He has also authored three books: Bang Your Head (Three Rivers Press), and Reel Terror (St Martins).


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