Guardians of the Galaxy is Number One Again

We’ve called Guardians of the Galaxy the surprise hit of the year, mainly because it’s not a Marvel franchise everybody knew about. Like Big Hero 6, it was a more obscure superhero team that captured the public’s imagination, and now that it’s available for home viewing, Guardians is number one again.

As Variety tells us, the week before Xmas Guardians made it to the top of the national home video sales charts, which includes discs, Blu-Rays, and DVDs too. Number 2 is Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, the other big genre hit of the summer.

We were also surprised to be reminded that Galaxy is the #1 movie of the year at the domestic box office, beating out Mockingjay and The Lego Movie. Guardians has made $332 million in the states, $439 million foreign, raking in $772 million world-wide.

While many are lamenting so many superhero movies out there in the world, Guardians indeed provided a new surprise for many, a fresh take on superhero teams that should continue to provide a healthy alternative to the usual comic book fare. While we don’t see superheroes lasting forever at the movies, we do see Guardians having a strong following that will return for the sequel, which is slated for release in 2017.

David Konow

David Konow has been a writer for far too long. He has written for Deadline, Indiewire, The Village Voice, LA Weekly, The Wrap, Tom's Games, and many others. He has also authored three books: Bang Your Head (Three Rivers Press), and Reel Terror (St Martins).


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