Blade Runner 2 Is On the Way?

Ridley Scott wasn’t a fan of the sci-fi genre, yet ironically, he made tow of the best movies in science fiction history, namely Alien and Blade Runner. Scott returned to the world of Alien with Prometheus, which was a bit of a let down for many, but it also has plenty of fans, and Scott has wanted to return to the world of Blade Runner as well.

For many, this would be running a big risk. Blade Runner is a beloved fan favorite, and who would want to run the risk of having a bad sequel ruin people’s memories? Then again, Jaws: The Revenge didn’t tarnish anyone’s memories of Spielberg’s shark classic, so maybe a Blade Runner sequel could be an acceptable risk.

Scott has told Collider that there’s a Blade Runner 2 script ready to go, but it’s going to have to wait a bit, because he’s got Exodus coming up this December, and he’s also got another sci-fi flick in the works, The Martian. Not to mention, Scott said he met up with Harrison Ford, who famously did not get along with the director, but maybe now they’re trying to make peace. Scott met with Ford the night before he broke his leg while making Star Wars: Episode VII.

Ford’s Star Wars commitment could hold back a Blade Runner sequel as well, but he said the screenplay is indeed a continuation of what happened before, and “it’s quite surprisingly clever.” Scott added that another Prometheus is in the works, the script is being worked on, and there’s been fifteen drafts, so who knows when he could get around to that one as well.

David Konow

David Konow has been a writer for far too long. He has written for Deadline, Indiewire, The Village Voice, LA Weekly, The Wrap, Tom's Games, and many others. He has also authored three books: Bang Your Head (Three Rivers Press), and Reel Terror (St Martins).


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