Late night texting can make teens even moodier


Did you know that late night texting can make teenagers even moodier than they already are?

Indeed, according to Dr. Peter G. Polos of JFK Medical Center, text messaging and other forms of electronic communication have been linked to excessive movement during sleep, insomnia and leg pain.

Texting after bedtime is also believed to cause high rates of daytime cognitive or mood problems, including ADHD, anxiety, depression and learning difficulties.

"The prevalence of insomnia and other sleep disorders is cause for great concern, given their potential consequences on a child's ability to function in school," Polos said in a study abstract reviewed and quoted by ABC News.  

"Research shows that the problem is increasing, so it is more important than ever for physicians to ask questions about technology use when evaluating children for sleep issues."

As such, Polos recommended that parents monitor and curtail late night excessive texting. 

"[And of course], attempts at limiting use at bedtime appear to be reasonable," he added.