Swine Flu anti-virals more dangerous than disease

  • People resorting to Tamiflu and Relenza may well find themselves in a worse state of affairs than just succumbing to Pig Flu, it has emerged.

    TG Daily talked to a professor of microbiology in Cambridge and he said that he would not use these anti-viral drugs, even on himself - it is an experiment by the pharmaceutical companies.

    Of the two - Tamiflu and Relenza - he would rather take the latter but both have side effects that cannot yet be estimated.

    He told TG Daily: "Both can have serious side effects and you have to judge which side effects will affect you".

    Death or glory?

    Here are the side effects for Relenza and for Tamiflu . Do you get the feeling we are all in a world laboratory? Perhaps we should all catch influenza and tell the pharmas to get lost.