Modder auctions Xbox 360 laptop on eBay

  • A talented modder known as CollinE has designed a fully-functional Xbox 360 laptop. ??The device - which sports a red and black color scheme - is currently available on eBay, with the top bid set at $305 as of 11:30AM PST.

    The unique laptop has already been featured on a number of publications, including Engadget.

    "[CollinE's] 360 stays true to the original console in almost all respects - including the 'wind tunnel' noise generated by five fans," wrote Engadget's Vladislav Savov. "The fact [that] he also consulted our guide on how to do this is just a cherry on the top for us."

    The unique laptop is powered by an ordinary Xbox 360 Falcon motherboard and heatsinks that have been slimmed down along to fit a thin PVC plastic case. ??

    Additional specs include:

    • ??17" widescreen LCD with 1280 x 768 resolution
    • 20GB hard drive
    • Ethernet port and cable
    • Three USB ports
    • Official 64MB memory card
    • Xbox 360 wireless controller
    • Xbox 360 headset
    • Power supply
    • Dimensions - 16.75" x 11" x 3.5"