Codemasters optimize DiRT 2 with DX11 support

  • Codemasters has launched an optimized version of DiRT 2 for DX11 enabled GPUs.

    The latest iteration of the game supports a number of ATI graphics cards, including the Radeon HD 5970, 5870, 5850, 5770 and 5750. ??

    "DirectX 11 brings incredible visual realism to the DiRT 2 experience, allowing gamers to enjoy the most realistic simulation of racing environments ever seen, including the most life-like water, cloth, crowds and lighting," said Codemasters spokesperson Bryan Marshall. ?


    "We worked closely with AMD to take advantage of the new graphical technologies of DirectX 11, and technologies such as ATI Eyefinity found in the latest ATI Radeon graphics cards, to make DiRT 2 an unparalleled racing game experience on the PC."

    Marshall explained that the DX 11 version of Dirt 2 features a number of improved effects, including:

    • Realistic water ripples, accurate reflections and life-like splashes.
    • Smoother, more realistically flowing flags and cloth as a result of advanced hardware tessellation.
    • More accurate simulation of light and shadows due to DX11's Compute Shader 5.0, which processes complex computations without negatively affecting frame rates.
    • Truer depiction of high dynamic range lighting at twice the color depth of the DX9 version.
    • Special effects rendered at full screen resolution - with up to four times the resolution of DX9.

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