TopWare confirms Scivelation for the Xbox 360

Posted by Aharon Etengoff

TopWare has officially confirmed that Scivelation will be released in Q3 2010 for the Xbox 360 platform. 

The third-person shooter - which promises to offer a "cinematic gameplay experience" - is set in a dystopian future influenced by the works of Orwell, Milton and Dante.

TopWare confirms Scivelation for the Xbox 360

"Human civilization as we know it has ended at the hands of religious zealots desperate to bring about the Apocalypse. What remains of society has been homogenized into a single culture, to be governed by the Regime - a theocratic, worldwide government intent to rob mankind of its most meaningful symbols," explained TopWare. 

TopWare Scivelation and Xbox 360

"A scattered front of old believers, named heretics by the Regime, have resorted to violent mobilization in order to carve out a niche where they might survive unmolested, and in the midst of this turmoil are Dr. Elisha Amano, a disgruntled Regime scientist who helped develop a paradigm-shifting, post-human supervirus; and Mikhail Ivanov, a cyborg and former member of the Russian special forces who was divested of his humanity fighting in the End Times.

Xbox 360 Scivelation TopWare

"Combining beautiful visuals rendered on the Unreal 3 Engine with an immersive plot, Scivelation features white-knuckled gameplay that stresses intelligent strategy while players run, gun, sneak, and drive through a diversity of post-Apocalyptic locations."??

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