Steam bans Modern Warfare "grey market" keys

  • Steam has reportedly implemented a total ban on "grey market" keys used to unlock CD copies of Modern Warfare 2.  According to Voodoo Extreme, both Steam and Activision consider the controversial keys as having been obtained from "illegitimate sellers." ??

    "[This] is a half truth, at best. The keys in question are purchased legally in Asia and other territories, where Activision is unable to charge through the nose and then sold on for a profit," wrote Voodoo's Andrew Burnes.

    "Grey importing has been a big deal for many years, for all kinds of products. Manufacturers often attempt to ban the practice in the interest of their bottom line, but the legality on both sides of the fence is, as the name suggests, grey, and as such the industry continues to thrive."

    Burnes added that Activision's ban of legally purchased keys has turned into a "hot topic" for debate.

    "EULAs state that you simply own a license, and that the manufacturer can do whatever it likes to your purchase at any time. Affected users counter by stating that never accepted an EULA before or after the purchase of their key."

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