Microsoft launches Halo Waypoint

  • Microsoft has launched its long-awaited Halo Waypoint for Xbox Live members. The portal offers full-episode previews of Halo Legends, along with developer interviews, trailers, screenshots and exclusive video footage.

    In addition, Waypoint features a career system that tracks player accomplishments across multiple Halo games. Participants are expected to receive prizes for specific achievements, including full sets of avatar ODST armor and t-shirts.

    Microsoft has also announced an official "broadcast" schedule for Halo Legends, which explores back-stories based on various themes and character in the Halo universe.

    ?The first preview episode known as "The Babysitter" will debut on November 7, 2009. The aptly named Babysitter - which was created by STUDIO4?C - follows the story of a group of ODSTs who reluctantly accept a Spartan sniper into their strike team. ?

    Additional episode dates are as follows:

    • The Duel - 11/21/09
    • The Package Part 1 - 12/5/09
    • The Package Part 2 - 12/19/09
    • Origins Part 1 - 1/2/10