Myst comes to the iPhone

  • Chicago (IL) - Myst is coming to the iPhone and iPod touch. The original developer, Cyan Worlds, believes that it can fit the entire game into teh device, including finely rendered scenery and animations, original score and sound effects. In fact, the iPhone port is promised to pack every aspect of the original Myst in pixel-perfect accuracy.  

    Remember Myst? If you are just in your 20s, you never have heard of this game. But to those old enough to recall fond memories of mid-90s gaming, this interactive adventure is all about a mystical setting, great score and finely rendered backdrops that fully exploited the 650 MB storage capacity of the CD-ROM. Designed by Robyn and Rand Miller and developed by Washington-based Cyan Worlds, the first Myst game was originally released for Apple's Mac in 1991. Ports for every conceivable computer platform followed soon thereafter. Now, 18 years later, the original developer Cyan has teamed teamed up with Japanese company Sun to port the game to Apple's iPhone and the iPod touch. According to Cyan, Myst for iPhone is nearing completion.

    Myst puts players in the shoes of the character Stranger who travels the mystical worlds of the island of Myst using a magic book. Although much of the game revolved around pointing and clicking on various objects and solving puzzles, it became the best-selling PC game of all time until 2002. Myst owes much of its success its gloomy atmosphere and mystical musical score.

    Early screenshots and gameplay video do not show a dramatic departure from the original concept. Myst for iPhone, just like the original, is about exploring surreal locations on the fictional island of Myst, searching for hidden objects and clues and solving riddles, albeit with the added twist of multi-touch controls. Navigating Stranger from the first-person perspective is a simple matter of tapping on the screen, which cross-fades your character to a new location. Similarly, tapping objects scattered around the surreal island prompts an interaction.

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    The iPhone port packs 32-bit graphics and entire audio, graphics and animation content from the original game, meaning it will probably weigh several hundreds of megabytes.
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