Playstation Portable hits 50 million units

  • Chicago (IL) - Sony said that it has sold 50 million units of its Playstation Portable (PSP) gaming console, which is about half the number of Nintendo DS handhelds sold to date.

    The PSP hit its milestone in January of this year, according to Sony. The PSP went on sale in November of 2004 and is selling at a pace of about 12 million units per year on a worldwide basis. Of the 50 million units sold, 11.5 million units were sold in Japan. U.S. sales are currently hovering 200,000 units per months, but hit more than 1 million units in December of 2008, according to NPD.

    Nintendo’s DS consoles, which recently received a refresh, was also launched in November of 2004 (worldwide, while the PSP was launched only in Japan initially) and has sold more than 96 million units so far. Nintendo is selling more than 500,000 DS units in average months in the U.S. alone and attracted more than 3 million customers in December of 2008.

    Sony said that it has sold more than 200 million units of its more than 2000 available game titles for the PSP.