Some North Carolina TV stations turn off analog signals

  • Chicago (IL) - As February 17, 2009 has now passed, the question on everybody's mind is undoubtedly: What's happened with our analog TV signals? Well, if you live in North Carolina you may be finding out that they just don't work anymore. Digital is the way to go for at least ten local TV stations.

    Despite the analog to digital switchover deadline being pushed back to June 12, a heavy hand full of North Carolina TV stations made the switch either Tuesday, or will later today on Wednesday, and are now fully digital.

    According to an AP Digital report, the switch has prompted about 200 calls so far -- mostly from viewers who are asking for help on setting up their converter boxes. Still others have not yet obtained boxes. And there is a noted fear that for every call that is received, many more viewers are not calling in.

    In related news, the Wall Street Journal is reporting that digital converter box coupons will be sent out as early as March following $650 million set aside by Congress for the program. Approximately 4 million people are on a waiting list to receive their $40 coupon vouchers.