Amazon yanks inappropriate sim game from online store

  • Chicago (IL) - A game released in 2006 by Illusion studio, a game maker based on Japan, has now been pulled from Amazon's online game store. The game, entitled Rapelay, allows players to simulate the act of raping girls.

    After the video game was brought to the company's attention on Wednesday night, it was quickly pulled. Amazon spokeswoman, Patty Smith, said, "We determined that we did not want to be selling this particular item."

    While the video game was reportedly created exclusively for Japanese gamers, some used copies were being offered by a U.S. seller. Additional titles by Illusion include Battle Raper and Artificial Girl.

    Video games still on sale by Amazon and other U.S. retailers allow for additional heinous act simulations, including the slaughter of animals, people, mass war and genocide.