Microsoft offers limited free Xbox Live access

  • Chicago (IL) - With the release of Grand Theft Auto IV: The Lost and Damned, individuals may find some extra incentive to buy. Today, Microsoft made the announcement that in an effort to aid the sale of the first two 360-exclusive expansions, it would allow individuals six days of free online mode place to game purchasers at no extra charge. Usually playing Xbox Live online is limited only to individuals who subscribe to the "Gold" package, which is $49.99 each year. "Silver" subscribers pay nothing, but typically only have access to downloadable content.

    The six days of the "Lost and Damned Live Week" began on Tuesday at 9:00 PST, and is limited only to Grand Theft Auto IV and its expansion's online modes. Individuals who own the original Grand Theft Auto IV for Xbox 360 will also be able to play the game's online modes during the same promotional period, which will end on February 22.

    This event also has a Lost and Damned sweepstakes, and interested individuals should download the Lost and Damned registration picture on, or on Xbox Live for a chance to win a brand new 52 inch television, or other Xbox prizes as part of the promotion.

    It's just what gamers need, isn't it? -- More incentive to play.

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