Microsoft, Nokia: Two new app stores open for cell phone software

  • Chicago (IL) - With the smartphone market growing, and cellphone application stores proving to be very popular, other companies are beginning to flood the market with new software titles made available by opening their own application stores - following Apple's lead.

    Both Microsoft and Nokia are in the works to open their own stores designed to deliver programs and applications for mobile phones.

    Microsoft's Online Bazaar

    Microsoft is planning to open an online bazaar of applications which would serve individuals with phones which run Microsoft's Windows Mobile operating system.

    Microsoft also has plans to offer a more sophisticated version of Windows Mobile.

    On Friday the company launched a limited release of its "My Phone" service, which syncs information such as contacts, appointments, and e-mail on a cellphone to a password protected website (see our full coverage).

    Nokia's Application Store

    Nokia is in the works to launch a platform that allows for the central sale and distribution of programs and games developed for the Symbian OS. It is rumored that the store will launch at the upcoming Mobile World Congress.

    With an active community of Symbian developers already in place delivering a place for individuals to sell their products and deliver to the masses is ideal, and could put Nokia in a great position to compete with other smartphone manufacturers.

    An issue for Nokia would be meshing Mosh, Download! and Software Market into one single application store.

    Those interested will more than likely have to wait until the Mobile World Congress to find out if the rumors regarding both Microsoft and Nokia's application stores are true, as both companies have declined to comment.