Guitar Hero world record set by 14yr old, Danny Johnson

  • Grapevine (TX) - Danny Johnson, a 14-year-old boy from Grapevine Texas set a world record on Wednesday in Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock, a game growing in popularity all over the globe.

    Danny, age 13.

    At an event to promote the "Guinness World Records 2009 Gamers Edition," in Midtown Manhattan, Danny recorded a score of 973,954 after playing a seven minute version of DragonFroce's song "Through the Fire and Flames," the most difficult song in the game. Players are able to score points by fingering buttons on a guitar game controller along with the music.

    The previous record of 899,703 points was set in Minnesota last August by Chris Chike, 17.

    Following his amazing performance at the event, Danny shared with everyone a "secret weapon" which enabled him to beat the former record by such a tremendous amount: determining the best moments in which to utilize the game's "Star Power Function" which delivers players with bonus points periodically during a song.

    Danny was so close to completing all 3,722 notes in the song perfectly, however his streak stopped at 3,558 when he accidentally broke the blue button on his guitar while "playing enthusiastically."

    Danny has been doing this a long time. He claims that from his rough and intense Guitar Hero playing, over time he's broken over 80 plastic controllers.

    You can watch Danny play via his live webcast.