iPhone users account for 14% of mobile gaming downloads

  • Chicago (IL) - The iPhone is slowly but surely gaining a presence as a gaming platform. Individuals who own iPhone accounted for 14 percent of all mobile game downloads in November, according to market research conducted by comScore.

    Almost 33% of iPhone owners reported that they had downloaded a game in November. The market average is a mere 3.8%. Not only did the iPhone score well, but so did the Blackberry Curve. Smartphones are starting to take the lead, beating out traditional devices like Motorola's Razr and other low end flip phones. Smartphones currently account for 60% of the mobile devices utilized for download services.

    In November almost 8.5 million people downloaded games on their cell phones. This number is 17% higher than the previous year. Mobile games are now reaching a broader demographic, growing strong in both the teen and thirty-five and older age groups.

    iPhone games also dominated the list of all those titles nominated for the best mobile games, as decided by indie developers at the Independent Games Festival Mobile awards.

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