YouTube's AdBlitz channel wants you to vote

  • San Bruno (CA) - YouTube has created a post-SuperBowl AdBlitz 2009 channel wherein they're asking for users to vote on their favorite SuperBowl TV commercial. With all commercials shown, users can vote on their favorites - or just watch the commercials for entertainment.

    The website presents a series of ad icons at the top. Moving over each ad shows a quick description and current star rating system. Clicking on the icon allows you to view the video embedded in the content. Click the "X" to close.

    The star rating system near the bottom shows the current star rating, but the way to vote is unusual. Two thumbs appear to the right of the viewed video which make the video either green or red after voting. Voting will end on February 4, 2009 (Wednesday).

    Personally, having not watched a single SuperBowl in my entire life, I must admit I enjoy watching many of the commercials (like the Herding Cats commercial for EDS from 2006). I find this concept of enjoying SuperBowl moments far more appealing than anything from the game itself.

    See the YouTube Ad Blitz 2009 site.