Epic gallery of (almost) everyone who makes World of Warcraft

  • Anaheim (CA) – Making video games is serious business, but creating the world’s most popular MMO, World of Warcraft, is a monumental feat requiring hundreds of developers, programmers, artists and videographers.  It’s easy to forget these people because they usually aren’t publically recognized, but today you’re getting a special treat that we’re pretty sure has never been done before.  During last night’s launch of the World of Warcraft expansion: Wrath of the Lich King at the Electronic Fry’s store in Anaheim, we snapped photos of 140 WoW developers and you can see all of them in the three slideshows below.

    Some were serious, others were goofy, but everyone was a sport about getting their pictures taken.  These guys and gals had already been through a veritable pressure cooker because of the launch and were devoting even more time talking to fans and signing autographs inside of the store.  Doors opened at 11PM and the devs didn’t get out until 5 AM.  Furthermore, I’m sure they are now soaking their hands in ice water because of the thousands of Collector’s Edition boxes, mousepads and books they signed.

    Being an avid WoW player, I also purchased my collector’s edition box and jumped in line to have it signed.  I took a picture of the first developer and then got an idea … “let’s take a picture of every developer here and make a slideshow” I thought.  Andrew Beegle, Editor in Chief of Allakhazam.com, was standing next to me and initially thought I was nuts, but he then volunteered to help by writing the developers’ name so we could match up the faces with names.

    Unfortunately, Blizzard PR called us today and initially told us to scuttle the article and gallery.  They were concerned about competing game companies and game recruiters using the information to “poach” Blizzard employees away.  What’s interesting here is that the competition already has a database of top Blizzard employees and that all the WoW developers are already listed in the back of the game manual.

    It’s also a strange request because all the developers were sitting in a area designated for photos and videos.  Photographers from local and major newspapers like the Orange County Register and Los Angeles Times were busily snapping pictures of the devs.  Bloggers from several WoW fan sites were also taking video and pictures.

    So in the end, we’re meeting Blizzard halfway and publishing the slideshow without any names in the captions.  However, we’re listing everyone we photographed below since several developers (along with their mothers) wanted to see the final pictures. Be advised that these aren't all the developers because Blizzard had to split them up amongst all the launch venues.

    To the devs, feel free to use these pictures for anything (heck they make great eHarmony pics) and thanks for a great job on WoW and Wrath of the Lich King!

    World of Warcraft developers photographed

    (sp? Means the spelling is probably wrong, please email us or comment below for corrections)

    Scott Abeyta
    Steve Aguilar
    Steve Allen
    Rob Barris
    Justin Bartlett
    Cord Bartlett
    Jay Baxter
    Mike Beal
    Barry Berman
    Anwar Bey Taylor
    Brian Birmingham     sp?
    Thomas Blue
    J. Allen Brack
    Alexander Brazie
    Alvaro Buendia
    Larissa Bussell
    John Butkus
    Scott Campbell
    Paul Cazarez
    Jeff Chamberlain
    Carman Cheung
    Tom Chi Hon
    Victor Chong
    Cameron Chrisman
    Joseph Cochran
    Sean Copeland
    Dennis Crabtree
    Steve Crow
    Dennis Crow
    Graham Cunningham
    Daniel Dageau
    Pat Dawson
    Jason DeArte
    Drew Doberneaken     sp?
    Jonathan Dumont
    Alec Dun
    Mike Elliott
    Chi Fellin     sp?
    Vincent Francoeur
    Evelyn Fredericksen
    Slim Ghariani
    Mark Gibbors     sp?
    Bryan Gibson-Winge
    Geoff Goodman
    Hunter Grant
    Jon Graves     sp?
    Jeff Gregory
    Kevin Griffith
    Rutherford Grug     sp?
    Chris Ha
    Mike Handison
    Ed Hanes
    Matthew Hawley
    Mike Hershberg
    Jason Hill
    J. Mauricio Hoffman
    Brian Huang
    Tyler Hunter
    Mai Igarashi
    Phillip Itillenbrand     sp?
    Jon Jelinek
    Art Jeppe
    Jeffrey Kaplan
    David Keegan
    Mike Kelheler     sp?
    Kim Khorn
    Eddie Kim
    Rene Koiter
    Monte Krol
    Justin Kunz
    Keith Landes
    Owen Landgren
    Scott Lange
    Sam Lantinga
    Peter Lee
    Jeff Liu
    Helen Liu
    Jimmy Lo
    Chris Luckenbach
    David Luong
    Chris MacDonald     sp?
    Kevin Maginnis
    Jay Maguire
    Jeremy Masker
    Andrew Matthews
    Steve McCrarrity
    Jesse McCree
    Steve McIlwain
    Jeff Meads     sp?
    Chris Metzen
    John Mikros
    Julian Morris
    Jason Morris
    Chris Myles
    Ron Nakada
    Jeremy Nelligan
    Mark Nelson
    Tuan Ngo
    David Nguyen
    Nicolas Noble
    Jennifer Owings
    Justin Parker
    Corey Pelton
    Kim Phan
    Thomas Pieracei     sp?
    Gary Platner     sp?
    John Polidgra
    Tristan Pope
    Wei Qiao
    Eddie Rainwater
    Glenn Rane
    Bryan Rathman
    Dan Reed
    Jarret Riva
    Chris Robinson
    Dion Rogers
    Danny Saint-Hilaire
    John Scharmen
    Erich Schmidt
    Brianna Schneider
    Michael Schweitzer
    Jacob Segal
    Tiffany Sirignan-Sleets     sp? On end
    Taylor Smith
    Andrew Spiering     sp?
    Glenn Stafford
    Cory Stockton
    Seth Thompson
    Tom Thompson
    Rhett Torgoley
    Alex Tsang
    Andrew Vestal
    Holly Wilson
    Theresa Wolf
    Noel Wolfman
    Brian Wright
    Taka Yasuda
    Thomas Yip
    Kenson Yu
    Kris Zierhut