Better late than never: YouTube to host full-length MGM films

  • Chicago (IL) – YouTube may be the world’s most popular video sharing site and it even may be the world’s second largest site in terms of search traffic, but there is no doubt that YouTube completely missed the boat on hosting full-length movies. Now, the service seems to be catching up with ad-supported movies and TV episodes. Just don’t expect current blockbusters.   

    Hulu has been showing movies for some time now and even IMDB recently started offering a limited portfolio – moves that could have segmented video sharing online and turned YouTube into a service perceived as a hobbyists destination. Reuters now reports that Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) agreed to dig deep into its archives to provide professional programming for YouTube.   

    According to the news service, MGM will post episodes of its decade-old "American Gladiators" series, as well as “full-length action films like Bulletproof Monk and The Magnificent Seven, in addition to clips from popular movies like "Legally Blonde." The videos will be offered free of charge and ads will be running alongside the playing video.

    Of course, this announcement can only be the beginning for YouTube. Hulu is consistently gaining traction with full feature films and shows from NBC and CBS.

    First rumors of possible extension of YouTube content to full-length movies surfaced last week.