YouTube to offer full length movies

  • Mountain View (CA) - In its seemingly never ending quest to make YouTube profitable, it appears that Google has landed a deal to start offering feature films on the site. According to an executive at a major entertainment company, we could see movies appearing within the next months.

    According to Cnet, Google has been in talks with major film companies in an effort to start providing ad-supported streaming movies.
    "It's not imminent," said one of the executives. "But it's going to happen. I would say you can expect to see it, if all goes well, sometime within the next 30 to 90 days."

    Google will not be able to close this deal easily. Canada-based Lionsgate has limited YouTube to playing short clips from its catalogue of movies. Two studio sources have also pointed to Google’s refusal to budge on using either preroll or postroll ads in their movie streaming.