Microsoft counts on Gears of War 2 as Xbox 360 blockbuster

  • Redmond (WA) – Microsoft seems to have a real good handle on introducing critical features and content for the Xbox 360 when it counts. Gears of War 2 will be released to 20,000 retailers this week and should also have a positive impact on Xbox 360 and should help jumpstart Christmas sales.

    Epic’s Gears of War 2 will launch on November 7 in 20 countries and is marketed, besides a new Live service, as the most important reason to buy an Xbox 360 this Christmas. More than 10,000 retail locations will hold midnight launch events. Microsoft hopes that the title will have a similar impact as Halo 3 last year, which not only brought in hundreds of millions in revenues, but also doubled Xbox 360 console sales month-over-month last year.   

    “Each holiday season in this current console generation, Xbox 360 has led the industry with the best lineup of blockbuster video games, and we are poised to lead the charge again in 2008 with ‘Gears of War 2,’” said Phil Spencer, general manager of Microsoft Game Studios. “Holding the title of fastest-selling video game of 2006, ‘Gears of War’ has sold more than 5 million units to date, and this next chapter in the franchise will raise the bar yet again.”

    In Gears of War 2, the last cities on Sera are sinking, swallowed by a new Locust threat from below. As Marcus Fenix and Delta Squad pursue the Locust, the mission turns personal for Dominic Santiago as he uncovers clues in the search for his missing wife, Maria.

    Gears of War 2 will sell as a Standard Edition with an estimated retail price (ERP) of $59.99, as well a Limited Edition with an ERP of $69.99. The Limited Edition is packaged in a collectible SteelBook DVD case and includes a 48-page hardbound book titled “Beneath the Surface: An Inside Look at Gears of War 2”. All copies of the game come with an Xbox LIVE token to download the Flashback Map Pack for free.