Netflix to stop selling DVDs

  • Netflix will no longer be pushing and selling previously viewed DVDs, beginning December 1, in an effort to focus on both streaming video and DVD rentals.
    "Our core business is delivering great movie rentals to you on DVD by mail and instantly to the computer and TV," a Netflix representative wrote in a blog post. "So we've decided it makes sense for us to focus exclusively on that."

    The comments that followed the blog post proved that at least some Netflix customers may be unhappy about the decision. It seems that subscribers are mainly concerned that Netflix is slowly but surely beginning to remove itself from the disc business completely - including rentals. The streaming service offered by users appears to be increasingly popular with individuals who own PCs: Last week, Netflix expanded its streaming videos to those who own Macs.

    Going down the road, Netflix will be selling used DVDs to wholesalers, who will then resell them to consumers. There have been reports that used Netflix DVDs are already showing up on the street corners in New York City.

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