Netflix and Tivo teaming up for movie partnership

  • Chicago (IL) – Netflix appears to be unstoppable these days: Following recent additions of Netflix streaming to Blu-ray players, Mac Computers and the Xbox 360, the company is expected to announce a long awaited partnership with Tivo today.

    According to reports, Netflix will begin placing its Watch Instantly streaming-movie service on TiVo’s HD-compatible set-top boxes. This will aid the technology in being one step closer to delivering television programming and movies via the Internet rather than traditional satellite and cable networks to plain old television screens.

    Based in Los Gatos, California, Netflix has typically been recognized for its DVD subscription service that mails discs in red envelopes. Lately, the company has been hitting the pavement in its expansion efforts offering more movies and television shows that can be viewed instantly over the Internet free of charge (a subscription plan is still required).

    It seems that the deal between TiVo and Netflix is giving the Watch Instantly service a much broader reach: Over the past year, Netflix has signed deals with LG, Roku, Samsung, and Microsoft to digitally deliver their catalog to televisions everywhere.

    However, Netflix has been hit by the declining economy. Last week, it was reported that the company added far less subscribers during their third quarter than was expected. The Netflix stock dropped almost 40% in the past month.

    Both Netflix and TiVo announced that testing of the service would begin Thursday, and would be available to the owners of TiVo set-top boxes sometime in December. TiVo subscribers who are already paying for one of Netflix’s unlimited subscription plans will be able to use this service with no additional charge.