Blizzcon 08: Motorized turtle mount and rider win costume contest - gallery

  • Anaheim (CA) – Female night elves, an orc warrior and even Rick Astley couldn’t defeat a very blue Draenei female and her motorized turtle at the 2008 Blizzcon costume contest.  Dozens of attendees competed for a replica Frostmourne sword and the costumes were impressive.  Most of the contestants tried to replicate their favorite World of Warcraft characters by manufacturing their own clothes and weapons, but in the end a huge green turtle named, “Speedy” stole the show.

    It took Amanda from Arizona three months to make the gigantic turtle.  The turtle is big enough to mount and rolls around on wheels hidden behind a black shroud.  The head and legs move realistically and even the mouth opens and shuts while the entire contraption is rolling around.

    When compared to the other contestants, Amanda’s turtle was the obvious winner and that’s probably why Blizzard officials had her appear last on stage.  The slow lumbering turtle made a victory lap around the stage and costume contest host and comedian Jay Mohr also briefly mounted the turtle.

    I’ve included a 50+ picture gallery of the best costumes, but I think the best picture is of three Blizzard employees looking at the turtle with gaping mouths as it rolled onto the stage.