New NBA season, new NBA games

  • Chicago (IL) - With the new National Basketball Association (NBA) upon us it also means it is time for another round of NBA basketball games to light up our video game consoles.

    This week's announced offerings are EA's NBA LIVE 09 and 2K Sports' NBA 2K9. EA's NBA LIVE 09, appearing on the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 2, PSP and Wii (as NBA LIVE 09 All-Play), is powered by analytics provider Synergy Sports Technology's "Dynamic DNA." This reportedly better emulates each NBA player's moves. New features added this year include "Pick and Roll Control, Defensive Lockdown Control, Signature Playcalling and Quickstrike Ankle-Breakers." Special in-game modes include NBA Academy training camp and a FIBA World Championship Mode using FIBA tournament structure, rules and court dimensions.

    The 2K Sports NBA 2K9, meanwhile, comes to Xbox 360 and the PS3 and 2. It adds what 2K Sports says is "even more signature style animations, deeper franchise mode, adaptive AI for smarter gameplay, and innovative online features including Team Up for true online 5-on-5 matches, and Living Rosters for the most up-to-date player ratings and tendencies." Those enjoying the game can also register for The Other Season, an online fantasy league where "gamers get to play for real life NBA superstars who are participating as The Other Season fantasy team owners."