Lightsabers: Now a Nintendo Wii Accessory

  • Chicago (IL) - Video game accessories manufacturer dreamGear has unveiled a new lightsaber accessory for Star Wars fans who own a Nintendo Wii. It is called Dual Glow Sabers and you'll find it pricing around around $25 for a pair.


    The Dual Glow Sabers, said dreamGEAR, are actually a custom chrome cradle housing a standard Wii remote. They make use of red and blue LEDs to "symbolize good and evil, allowing users to choose which side they want to fight for."

    The sabers will reportedly be compatible with titles such as the recently released Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, No More Heroes, Star Wars Clone Wars "Light Saber Duals" (coming this December) and all other sword fighting games made for the Wii gaming console.

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