Sony to transition to 9 megapixel movies, eyes 3D cinema

  • Culver City (CA) – 1080p is yesterday: Sony gets more aggressive in promoting next-generation movie theater technologies, including 4K resolution movies as well as a new 3D adaptor for its high-end 4K projectors, which should provide crystal clear 3D movie experiences.

    A little over two years ago, Sony proudly announced that it was recording movie in 1080p resolution (the first one was The DaVinci Code). However, the next generation is already knocking on our doors: Sony today said that as movie theaters begin installing 4K projectors, it will begin producing more and more movies in 4K, which translates into a resolution of 4096x2160 pixels (8.8 megapixels) and is enough to project clear video on screens with sizes ranging from 42 to 60 ft.

    According to Sony, 4K technology will be integrated throughout the entire production process, including filmed productions at full 4K resolution, scanning at 4K, using a 4K workflow process, and releasing a 4K DCP to theaters. The first movie being shot in 4K was Hancock; future 4K productions include "2012," "Salt," and "The Green Hornet," the company said.

    It is interesting to note that Sony may take a lead role in the mainstream film production industry, but it isn’t necessarily leading the entire field. Adult film studio Digital Playground announced some time ago that is producing its movies in 12 megapixels (4900x2580) using a Red One camera system.
    Sony also announced that it will be offering a single-projector 3D adaptor for its 4K projector to enable 3D movie experiences. The new adaptor, scheduled for a March 2009 release, uses the full height of Sony's 4K imaging device, with the ability to display full 2K images for the left and right eye simultaneously and in parallel, from top and bottom. The advantage of the system is that it can be installed and removed from 4K projectors, which means that theaters can switch between showing 4K and 3D content using the same projector.   

    According to Sony, the adaptor is designed to work with a maximum screen size of 55 feet.