Sony announces pricey e-book reader

  • New York (NY) – There has been lots of activity in the ebook reader segment lately. Following Amazon’s Kindle, we recently saw the Plastic Logic’s stunning device and it appears that Sony will also try to take another shot at this market. The company will soon be selling an updated version of its Reader Digital Book, which now includes a touchscreen. 

    The new Reader Digital Book has a slightly smaller footprint than its predecessor, as Sony was able to eliminate physical control keys, but is slightly heavier due to (10 oz vs. 9 oz). The big change in the new PRS-700 is the addition of touchscreen capability to the display, which continues to use E-Ink technology, offers the same resolution as the preceding model (170 ppi) and the same battery time (enough to view and turn 7500 pages).

    The second new feature is the addition of a built-in LED reading light.   

    The changes don’t come cheap as Sony charges $399 for the PRS-700BC, which is a $100 over the regular PRS-505. Sony is taking preorders now and expects to ship pre-order units on or before November 14.