Apple updates iTunes, Apple TV, MobileMe

  • Cupertino (CA) - Apple today updated MobileMe, the iTunes jukebox software and the Apple TV firmware. The updates fix several annoying bugs and bring new features like Genius and On-The-Go playlists for Apple TV, in addition to a new standby mode, performance and reliability improvements in iTunes 8 and support for syncing more than 2000 contacts in MobileMe.

    A minor update for iTunes 8 fixes several bugs and promises to improve overall stability and general performance of the application. Specifically, iTunes 8.0.1 fixes the so-called "Blue screen of death" bug that causes Vista machine to crash when an iPod is connected and improves accessibility support. It also fixes a flaw that overwrites downloaded TV episode in HD with a lower resolution version for viewing on iPhones and iPods.

    The software also improves the connection to the App Store, checks more reliability for application updates. Apple said that iTunes now also plays the current song without glitches when creating a new Genius playlist. iTunes 8.0.1 is available now as a 59 MB standalone download for Mac/PC.

    Apple also updated its MobileMe application that sits in the Windows Control Panel and enables users to configure contacts, calendar, and bookmarks syncing and manage their iDisk online storage and sharing. The updated MobileMe Control Panel 1.2 (1.6 MB download) delivers enhanced support for syncing more than 2000 contacts and it prevents syncing of data between the Microsoft Exchange Server (which is not supported) and the MobileMe cloud. iTunes 8.1 is required for MobileMe update.

    Additionally, the company updated the Apple TV firmware to address security issues and enable a few new features. Apple TV 2.2 includes patches that address arbitrary code execution when viewing a maliciously created movie or PICT image files. It also includes user interface tweaks in the YouTube player and photo slideshows and introduces new features like On-The-Go and Genius playlists, HD television shows purchases and an improved standby mode. Apple TV users can apply the update firmware by choosing "Update Software" option in the Settings menu.

    The Apple TV 2.2 firmware enables users to purchase and download HD television shows from the iTunes Store (U.S. only) directly from the device.