SonyEricsson to fire up unlimited music downloads

  • Chicago (IL) - SonyEricsson is getting into the unlimited music downloads arena with the pending launch of its new PlayNow plus service. You'll have to wait for it though in most markets, as it will initially be kicking off only in Sweden with mobile operator Telenor by the end of the year.

    SonyEricsson promises PlayNow plus will let you "download, play and recommend unlimited amounts of music." A special edition of the W902 Walkman phone, developed by Sony Ericsson, will be the first phone to provide access to this service. It will come pre-loaded with some 1000 of the recent most popular digital songs.

    Features of the PlayNow plus service will include high speed music downloads, cross playback of music on PCs, transferral of playlists from home to phone, the ability to keep "your most-played music tracks" when your contract ends and social networking options like recommending your favorite tracks to friends.

    Pricing of the subscription service has not been announced, but SonyEricsson said that at the end of the subscription, the consumer will keep a large number of their most played songs. These songs can also be transferred to any MP3 player