Next Crysis franchise title about to retail

  • Chicago (IL) - Electronic Arts and Crytek are set to deliver the next Crysis game to PC owners September 18. The new title is Crysis Warhead and will be available for around $30 in North America and Europe. Crysis Warhead, according to EA, occurs alongside the events of last year's franchise title.

    It contains a new single player campaign featuring open-ended game play as well as a multiplayer experience called Crysis Wars, with is said to feature three different match types and 21 maps. Players will, said EA, experience "the explosive battles against waves of challenging enemies on the other side of the island through the eyes and nanosuit of the bold and aggressive Sergeant “Psycho” Sykes.

    Crysis Wars features 21 maps and three diverse multiplayer modes, including InstantAction, frenetic deathmatch enhanced by the power of the nanosuit, PowerStruggle, a hardcore team-based mode and introducing TeamInstantAction, a mix of fast-paced action in a team-based environment. Both are built on Crytek’s award-winning CryENGINE 2."

    Crysis Warhead, rated ‘M’ for Mature by the ESRB and ‘16+’ by PEGI, was first announced in development back in June.