Warhammer finally has its Age of Reckoning on September 18

  • Chicago (IL) - Mythic Entertainment, a division of Electronics Arts acquired back in 2006, continued to say today all is set to roll with the upcoming MMORPG Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning. This title is now shipping to retail and will see a September 18 kickoff.

    Mythic plans to flip the Warhammer servers live that day simultaneously in North America, Europe and Oceania, saying this will be the first MMORPG to open up all these lines at the same time. WAR has done well for parent company EA: over 1.5 million units have been pre-ordered. Though a slightly different data marker, one can comparatively see the growing popularity of this title before the actual release date given there were over 787,000 gamers signing up for the beta by early August.

    Key features of WAR will include joining in a "perpetual conflict to fight for the Realms of Order (Dwarfs, High Elves, and Empire) or Destruction (Greenskins, Dark Elves, and Chaos). Invade enemy lands, besiege imposing fortresses, and sack sprawling capital cities for the glory of your Realm. Wield devastating magic and deadly weapons, battle monstrous creatures, and join your brothers-in-arms in epic Public Quests."

    WAR, if you choose to wage it, will cost you around $50 for a PC version.