Tom Cruise says his web site now iPhone friendly – huh?

  • Hollywood (CA) - Normally we'd ignore something like this but it feels too strange to pass up on a brief mention of. Tom Cruise, that Scientology loving actor who, despite some weirdness, is still a pretty major Hollywood presence, has announced his official Web site is going iPhone friendly.

    Cruise, or rather the PR firm handling this announcement, says the actor's official Web site is reportedly the "most visited official male movie star site on the Web." His site will now fit the lovely screen of your iPhone, we are told. A bonus for those who use the iPhone friendly version is "an exclusive and celebratory retrospective film career video clip that includes movie clips" from many of his films over the last 27 years.

    What – you don't have an iPhone you say? You can view a strange demo of the site's functionality via YouTube. You can also register for Web site updates directly from your iPhone, if you desire.