Sony enhances the screen of the PSP, adds microphone

  • Sony said it will begin shipping an improved version of its Playstation Portable called the PSP-3000 in Japan, Asia, North America and Europe in October. While the overall appearance remains virtually unchanged, Sony said the new device will offer the “highest-level contrast ratio, response time, and wider color gamut possible on a portable LCD screen” which “enables users to see the screen more clearly in well-lit places, even when used outdoors.”

    Specifications of the new screen were not released.

    There is also a new built-in microphone and the video-out port has been expanded to output gameplay in interlace format, which will allow new PSP users to display games on non-progressive TVs (by using separately sold cables.) The current PSP can display games on progressive TVs only.

    The new PSP will be available in black, white and silver.

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