Palit shows off upcoming video cards and artillery at NVISION

  • San Jose (CA) – Palit is showing off some serious graphic firepower at the Nvidia NVISION conference and LAN party over the next couple days.  An upcoming Nvidia GTX 280 card will feature an integrated water block so you don’t have to mess with those pesky cooling kits.  Another card, that’s available now, is a 9800 GTX+ with 512 MB of DDR3 RAM.  While the cards are certainly cool, Palit had some other toys that attracted much more attention.

    LAN parties are meant to be fun and Palit brought hundreds of rubbery rockets that can easily stretch and fly through the air.  Almost immediately two booth babes from the nearby EVGA booth grabbed a bunch and began pelting other attendees with long-ranged death from above.  They managed to hit a security guard twice, but he wasn’t mad and he told us, “I told them they could hit me again.”  Boy, women can get away with anything at a LAN party.

    The water block GTX 280 should be available later this quarter and each card will be signed by the company’s president and former marketing director at AMD Toshi Okumura.