Mario goes Baseball for Nintendo Wii

  • Chicago (IL) - Nintendo is bringing its popular franchise character Mario and company to baseball for the Wii with the launch of the new interactive title Mario Super Sluggers. It will cost you around $50 when it hits retail shortly.

    Mario Super Sluggers lets players use the Wii Remote to "mimic motions they might experience on a real baseball diamond," including swinging it like a bat or making a pitching motion to throw a strike. Nintendo says over 40 playable characters will be available and that players will also be able to use their Mii characters in some game modes.

    Taking an unusual spin on the baseball genre, this title will require, in single player mode, for gamers to defeat characters from the Baseball Kingdom "in a variety of challenges" to add them to their team. Team captains will be able to perform special moves on the field and the combination of characters you field will result in team chemistry which can result in special in-game actions. Multilayer modes, said Nintendo, let up to four people compete at once. In Toy Field mode, for example, up to four players compete in a hitting and fielding extravaganza.

    To kick off the launch of Mario Super Sluggers, special, tradable online baseball cards can be found on a variety of Web sites and collected. Certain pairings of cards will unlock bonuses like game videos and screensavers.