Eco Ego: Teaching environmental responsibility early

  • It is a no doubt that kids are starting to spend more of their time at their home computers. Children know how to surf the web, play games, and are even starting to utilize virtual connectivity tools. It’s hard to cover all of the things that you need to as parents with your children, so why not utilize the computer and educational tools simultaneously?

    There is a new game that aims to educate children, and visually demonstrates the effects of excess consumption. Eco Ego is a fun, but peculiar animated computer game that teaches children ecology and environmental awareness.


    Eco Ego is actually a little hard to figure out, so it is far from being user friendly, but that is mainly because the actions and buttons are extremely small and the main character looks like a scaled down version of Barney.

    The goal of the game is to reward players with intelligent, environmentally friendly choices such as turning off the lights in the household, using alternative transportation methods, eating a balanced diet, regulating the thermostat correctly, and even using a reusable bag when grocery shopping. The game’s environment and atmosphere is impacted by either a positive or negative outcome of the players’ actions. Meters that are color coded red and green let the player know how they are progressing through the game.

    I am not sure personally whether or not this game will actually impact a child’s decisions regarding the environment, but in my opinion anything that promotes education and awareness is good, right?