Steve Jobs and Calvin in a cartoon

  • The legendary Bill Waterson comic got an unexpected cartoon hack by DC Comic's MAD Magazine. In MAD's take, Calvin and Hobbes appear as Calvin and Steve Jobs. Apple's CEO is portrayed dually, as a power-hungry tycoon and enlightened philosopher who oozes peace.

    We could have seen that one coming.  With Macs, OS X, the iPhone, the iPod, the iTunes, MacBook Air, the iEverything, super secrecy, health issues, stock backdating options scandal, tablet rumors and all the other stories we read about Apple and its mercurial CEO in the media each day, it is no suprise that someone had the idea to turn Jobs into a cartoon character.

     The cartoon covers subjects that are the focus of media interest, such as overpriced Apple gadgets, the stock options scandal, Pixar movies, wearing black T-shirts, etc and is spiced with hidden soliloquy-humor. "Geez, how come all of your stuff is so expensive, Jobs?", Calvin asks in one edition of the comic. "Well, Calvin, it's carefully put together by some of the world's most ingenious craftsmen!", Jobs replies. "Really? But isn't it slapped together in China like just about everything else?", Calvin presses matters further, to which Jobs replies: "I was talking about our ads."

    The MAD Magazine's Calvin and Steve Jobs comic hack is relevant, intelligent, hilarious and definitely worth your time, no matter if you're a fanboy or just don't like Apple. You can find the cartoons in this Flickr album.