Thailand pulls GTA IV after teenager murders cab driver

  • Bangkok (Thailand) – Video game stores in Thailand have pulled copies of the popular Grand Theft Auto IV game off their shelves after a teenager murdered a taxi cab driver.  19-year-old Polwat Chino told police he was trying to recreate a scene from the game by robbing a cab driver and then stealing his car.  Chino was caught after putting the car in reverse and losing control.

    Chino confessed to the murder and reenacted the scene for police and reporters – something that is quite common for major crimes in Thailand.  He is described as an avid GTA player who needed extra money to fund his game playing at a local game café.  Using 500 baht, or approximately $17, he purchased two knifes from the local Tesco Lotus store and then found a taxi cab in central Bangkok.  Chino pulled the 54-year-old driver out, stabbed him ten times and then tried to escape with the car.

    Unfortunately for Chino, he didn’t know how to drive a car and accidentally kept pressing the car horn while putting the car in reverse.  He told police that he wanted to find out if driving and killing people were as easy in real life as in the game.  Police eventually arrived and arrested him.

    Chino has been charged with possession of deadly weapons, robbery and murder.  He could be put to death by lethal injection.