Spore creators banning pornographic creators

  • San Mateo (CA) – You can build almost any creature with Spore’s Creature Creator, but the creators of the upcoming game are now banning people who’ve gone a bit too far in their creativity – namely in making obscene creatures.  Due to hit store shelves this fall, the Spore game is a collaboration between legendary game designer Will Wright and Electronic Arts.  Players have almost  unlimited flexibility in building their own creatures and that flexibility includes making creatures that resemble giant penises and breasts.

    Eager creature builders have been downloading both the free and paid versions of the Creature Creator from the Spore website in droves.  Builders can uploads their favorite creatures and Maxis will them to populate the game world when the final product ships.  The Creature Creator has been so popular that YouTube has even set up an exclusive Spore creature channel for everyone to show off their best stuff.  But a quick look through YouTube shows some shockingly disgusting beings.

    Some of these creatures are basically giant penises on two or three legs while others are walking breasts with a tiny head.  There are even creatures that are joined in a state of constant fortification.  These creatures have become so popular that they’ve earned their own nickname – Sporn.

    Now, Maxis and Electronic Arts are banning people who continuously post Sporn, but one designer doesn’t think anything of it.  “I don’t think there’s anything perverted, vile or awful,” one guy told CNN.