OCZ to challenge gamers’ brains, promises rich awards

  • Sunnyvale (CA) - OCZ is promoting its innovative OCZ NIA brain interface gaming controllers in unique way:  gamers using the headset in nearly 45 LAN parties in Europe and North America will have a chance to win thousands of dollars in prizes.  The inaugural tournaments will be held at this week’s QuakeCon (Dallas, TX), Digital Storm (Vancouver, BC) and CmaxX Enlarged in Germany.

    The prizes are substantial with everything ranging from OCZ Gaming memory to a combo prize of $2000 in cash, OCZ DIY Gaming Notebook and OCZ Memory.

    Ok so what do you have to do to win?  After reading the contest’s fine print, it appears that you’ll be doing some free PR work for OCZ.  Gamers must place in the top three of the sponsored LAN events and they must supply their own NIA device (which you can conveniently buy through resellers).  The players must provide evidence of their gaming wins (states, videos, pictures) and he/she must use the NIA device in at least 50% of the games.  Furthermore OCZ can use the information for their own advertizing campaigns, so expect the company to tout stuff in the future like, “Our NIA gets you more kills” or “I Killed Fatal1y with my NIA!"

    OCZ claims the NIA device can cut reaction times by 50%, something that could obviously help out competitive gamers.

    More than 15 LAN parties in North America and 25 in Europe were chosen for this unique challenge, but the list is still being updated.  If you would like to learn more about this concept in whole, visit this page.

    The results of this contest will be used to gather feedback and see how to enhance the device. One thing is certain, though: if OCZ NIA is able to reduce the natural lag of our body, pro-gamers could start adopting OCZ NIA in larger volumes.