Sony releases vague PS3 2.42 firmware update

  • Sony released the next firmware update for its PS3 game console. We will print the entire release description provided by Sony’s Eric Lempel here:

    “Just wanted to give everyone a quick heads up that a PS3 firmware update (v2.42) is now available for download. This update improves the playback quality of some Playstation 3 and Playstation format software.”

    The firmware download page on still listed v2.41 as the most current software version at the time of this writing. “Some” Playstation 3 and Playstation format software? Perhaps we could convince Eric to provide a few more sentences of information?

    It appears to be a minor update, but just in case you haven’t upgraded to version 2.4 yet and intend to play online, you may want to download this update – as it is required for online gaming, if we believe the comments made in the user comments of the posting.

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