Blast from the past: Apogee announces Duke Nukem trilogy

  • Los Angeles (CA) - Legendary software publisher, Apogee, is coming back from the grave with a vengeance. Apogee owns or co-owns a lot of heroes from the 1980s and 1990s and the company now looks to develop new versions or remakes of titles from the dawn of gaming and the first one will be Duke Nukem Trilogy.

    At the dying minutes of dying E3 convention, we got the chance to speak with Terry Nagy, COO of Apogee. Terry explained the loose plot of the just announced trilogy - this trilogy will reveal a lot of details about Duke Nukem as a character and introduce it to the whole new generation of gamers.

    First title of the trilogy is called Critical Mass. The plot revolves around time capsule that Duke's arch-nemesis wants to capture. Duke is travelling to future to stop Proton from taking over the capsule.

    Critical Mass will be followed by Chain Reaction. This game will feature impressive twist of fate, but we cannot disclose what is going on. All that we can say is that the storyline for this trilogy has more twists than the Vantage Point movie … and we mean good ones.

    The trilogy will end with Proving Grounds, which stand to be the most controversial title…. since Duke will go head to head against forces of Nazi Axis. If you thought the sinking of HMS Bismarck was done by the British or that American troops raised that flag on Iwo Jima, think again – it was actually Duke trying to stop Proton from taking over the world.  Will he succeed? Even though games end with a happy end, Terry has decided to offer a lot of surprises to games through 36 large levels, and it may or may not end… who knows?

    We'll know the fate of Duke Nukem once that these titles start to ship. Duke Nukem: Critical Mass is expected to ship in summer of 2009, while Chain Reaction and Proving Grounds will follow in a predictable pattern.

    When it comes to platforms, Apogee is targeting Sony PlayStation Portable and Nintendo DS. These mobile platforms feature 112 million potential gamers, so Duke is looking quite good. All three titles will feature 3D engine and a lot of voiceovers in usual Duke's style.

    We can't wait.