2K bringing back 1994's Colonization

  • Los Angeles (CA) – 2K is bringing back a serious blast from the past, Colonization from 1994.  Under the name Civilization IV: Colonization, the game will use the Civilization IV Gamebryo engine which means low hardware demands and a lot of strategic thinking. The game features several nations to colonize and manage, but the basic premise remains the same: pick your race, territory and begin to create a nation.

    In our case, developers granted us to see the birth of USA, starting with Indians giving us land to grow, successfully negotiating peaceful co-life between settlers and Indians (something that did not happen in real history), an attack by the king of England (who went for Indians first) and then finally, victory and the start of US as we know it.

    Slavery is not the part of the game, but careful diplomacy is. Just like the old title, it is extremely easy to lose, so you have balance diplomacy, economic and military development to stay "under the radar".

    The game is in an advanced stage of development and should go gold in the fall.